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Malcolm Rowe's lifelong passion for working with wood has culminated into what he believes, is the finest art in this field – musical instrument making. Read how Malcolm's business evolved and see photos of Malcolm making the instruments...click here.


A new case is supplied with all violins and violas and a custom made case is supplied with the guitars to accommodate their extra depth.


signature guitarSignature Guitars

Professional singer/songwriter Darin Warner has chosen Malcolm's custom designed and made boutique guitars as his signature guitars. These instruments are crafted using highest quality Australian Tonewoods. They are Dreadnought style with bodies that have more depth. Darin describes them as having a deeper and more powerful resonance and says they are very comfortable and easy to play.





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"My Malcolm Rowe violin has been put through its paces with my public performance of the Aaron Copland Violin Sonata in a large venue.
It definitely stood up to the challenge. With a clear and true sound, good projection, good even quality across all strings and smooth edge
on the sound through all registers, I am pleased to be playing this instrument. In addition, it is an even tempered instrument – as happy in
dry heat as in moist coolness and everything in between. I am grateful to the legacy of the late Rex Thompson with whom Malcolm trained.”
Yours, Anne-Marie


Anne-Marie Meegan-TurnerB Mus (Hons), Grad Dip Ed, L Mus A, A Mus A, MYLAViolin Teacher and ConductorCoordinator Middle Years
Instrumental Music Service Department of Education and Child Development South Australia