A lifelong passion leads to musical instrument making


A lifelong passion for working with wood has culminated with my entry into what I believe, is the finest art in this field - musical instrument making.


Initially I created an acoustic guitar to familiarise myself with the techniques, skills and methods required to produce quality instruments. The success of this project inspired me to explore the production of violins and violas. My research led me to meet the late Mr Rex Thompson, a well known Adelaide Luthier and then Chairman of the South Australian Branch of the Australian Association of Musical Instrument Makers. I was privileged to benefit from Rex's knowledge as he offered me tutelage and mentored me through the creation of my first violins.


I use the traditional tap tone method and chladni plate tuning technique to produce concert grade violins. Some violins I make are made entirely from Australian Tonewood timbers.


A variety of instruments that I have hand crafted are for sale on these pages, violins, violas, guitars . Malcolm welcomes your enquiry regarding making a customised instrument to suit your requirements. Questions regarding instruments that are for sale are also welcome.


signature guitarSignature Guitars

Professional singer/songwriter Darin Warner has chosen my custom designed and made boutique guitars as his signature guitars. These instruments are crafted using highest quality Australian Tonewoods. They are Dreadnought style with bodies that have more depth. Darin describes them as having a deeper and more powerful resonance and says they are very comfortable and easy to play.